Edith Wigoda

Tracing My Steps

About The Author

I was born in 1945 in Costa Rica, a wonderful democratic country where the Tico population lives with the motto of Pura Vida, which is impossible to translate and means “To enjoy life.”

As a Jew, daughter of immigrants, I had the opportunity to grow up among two sets of cultures, one with Jewish traditions, listening to the Yiddish language at home, and the second; in a country where Catholicism was present in every corner of the Country.


My granddaughter Michelle Nahmad guided me in choosing the stories and as an artist, she designed the cover of the book. Thank you, Michelle.
I want to thank Costa Rica and the United States, the countries where I lived, for the freedom of expression they defend; anyone can write without fear.

Words Of Enlightenment:

Life is nothing but a choice of paths, luck is only one; others we must climb, but as days go by and wisdom comes by, we end up realizing that, we have to treasure, our family life.
My parents, my husband, my kids, will find out, that life without sharing, respecting, being kind, is only a compilation of lonely and empty hours, that simply go by.

About the Book

By Edith Wigoda

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Tracing My Steps

When my granddaughters, Sari and Michelle, were little girls, I read them classical children’s stories that I had heard when I was a child myself.
To make the stories of Snow White, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood enjoyable, I flourished them with vivid scenes and spoke in a grave tone about the witch in Snow White, shrieked when the ugly step-mother appeared and roared when the big bad wolf came dressed as Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother.
One day, in the middle of the poisonous apple given by the witch, Michelle got so scared that she hugged me fearfully. At that moment, I began to think I was not smart repeating those scary tales that did not have any significant good lessons about life and only told silly adventures.